Different types of pupil

The beginner - It is of great importance that a complete or almost complete beginner is taught the basics of how to play the guitar and music, so that they then have a grasp of how to play music and understand it. The guitar is often seen as an easy instrument to play, however it is quite complex compared to many other instruments, but after the inital challenges this is a great benefit to the player.

Patience is key when first learning and instrument, but the teacher's role is of paramount importance. The teacher needs to make sure good habits are the norm rather than picking up bad habits. The beginner student will be able to start pieces very early on, if the correct repertoire is choosen and therefore having fun whilst learning.

The intermediate - This level is between grade 4 and 7 usually. The student usually knows their notes fairly well and has a good grasp of rhythm but still has a lot to learn. The key when teaching this level of student is to give them interesting repertoire and technical exercises which will develop their playing. Expression and technical ability needs to be shaped and new techniques needed to be taught.

The advanced - This level of student knows their notes almost everywhere on fret board at high speeds. Expressive and technical maturity is growing and new styles of repertoire are being explored. There needs to be a great level in terms of attention to detail when teachning and learning advanced repertoire and technique. The student can play all the notes of the pieces they are playing, but the importance is how they play them and communication of the music.

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