Private lessons in the Alexander Technique

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Instruction in the Alexander Technique occurs in a series of private, one-on-one lessons with a certified teacher. Lessons last for 45 minutes. In this one-on-one format, Ms. Briceland can customize the lesson to focus on your individual needs and provide optimum learning opportunities for you.

For an Alexander Technique lesson, you should wear loose, comfortable clothing. If possible, women should wear pants, not skirts. Ms. Briceland uses a gentle hands-on touch and minimal verbal coaching to help you notice and release unnecessary habitual tension. While working with the student lying on a table or guiding the student through basic movements, she will engage the student’s thinking to promote awareness and cooperation with her hands. Particular attention is paid to the dynamic relationship of the head, neck and back, called the Primary Control, since that relationship affects the working of the whole body.

Students usually feel light and buoyant after completing an Alexander Technique lesson and are given

Voice lessons occur in one-on-one lessons lasting for one hour. Half of the lesson is usually devoted to vocalises or vocal exercises, which to train the voice to sing easily and efficiently. The other half of the lesson is devoted to working on songs and other repetoire.

With many years of performance and teaching experience, Ms. Briceland focuses on imparting an easy, healthy technique and beauty of tone using the Swedish-Italian school. Voice lessons are a fun, supportive experience.

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)
  • I travel to students
HOW LONG: 45 Minutes

$60 with discounts for full-time students and seniors

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