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Thank you for your consideration of a beloved Dynamic Energy SessI0n with me….

I am Oraphim-Indigo, Crystalline Rainbow and a Heyoka Empath who has trained for many lifetimes for my Mission remotely viewing into Krystal Kaleidoscopes to obServe multi-prismatic, Realms of Cosmic Consciousness.

Remote Viewing, liquid Light Codex, Light Language and full-scan body radionics are implemented to explore internal/external bio-fields.

As a Light, Colour and Sound Frequency Commander, I have an innate inner-standing of the Human Blueprint and provide astounding clarity of the many complex, colourful paradoxes we evolve into – returning to FREEDOM of symbiotic nature.

Please know that in order to explore these landscapes we must transmit Truth Codes that can be disturbing/startling to hear, whether this be past lives, traumas, current global insidious agendas, phantoms, off plan-e.t intruders, clearance patterning systems etc… However, this is always done in care, compassion and dignity in order to transcend the illusionary ma-tricks and re-orientate you to yOur :

Original Blueprint Destiny Codes….

Session details: Currently Sessions are performed over Zoom in partial video and audio format for me. Please use video if you can!

All Sessions will be recorded in a Frequency Folder and sent to you within 24-36 hrs.

A 2 hr session is £144 (£120 introductory) and includes a symbiotic, dynamic infusion of: Guidance, Insights, teachings, healing, Advocacy, meditation, Implant Removal, Remote Viewing, Light Language, innate body: Light, Colour and Sound Scalar Wave frequencies. Medical Intuitive Exploration & beyond..

All payments are accepted through Stripe. I will send a request 1-2 days before our Session and kindly ask you pay in advance. (I offer concessions in compassionate circumstances…) Please enquire.

Cancellations: Refunds are only offered if you change your mind within 48hrs of us confirming a session as energy Transmissions will be coming through as soon as you make a commitment. Please contact me.

Please know that I do ask you to commit to some essential preparatory work before &/or after, as this will attune your Frequency to get the best out of our space together and optimise you moving forward in life….



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HOW LONG: 2 Hours

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