I teach Flute using the Suzuki Method

'A person with a fine and pure heart will find happiness'

The Suzuki Method was created by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki with the purpose of raising children to be happy, confident, noble, fine human beings, with splendid ability.

He used violin playing for that purpose, and soon his way of teaching extended to other instruments, such as cello, piano, guitar, recorder and flute.

'Talent is no accident of birth'

His philosophy is based on the idea that, provided with the right environment and tuition, all children can acquire and develop high musical abiity.

The main principles of this way of learning are:

Early Start: Children start learning the instrument from the age of three.

Performance Opportunities: These are regularly provided in the form of concerts.

Intensive Listening (the mother tongue approach): As with language, children learn initially by copying the sounds they hear and repeating them over and over, thus developing long-term memory skills. Rote learning is, therefore, well established before music reading is introduced.

Parent Participation: Parents play a crucial role in Suzuki learning. They participate in the lessons (no need for prior musical knowledge) and, guided by the teacher, provide the positive environment at home, where talent can be nurtured and ability developed.

Individual and Group lessons: As well as the individual lessons, children benefit from the group lessons, where they develop their musicianship, ensemble skills, memory and concentration; with the added motivation brought about by social interaction.

Set Repertoire: Each instrument has a carefully selected and stepwise structured repertoire, shared worldwide.

Positive Approach: Teacher and arents keep an encouraging attitude, always focusing on the achievements, thus allowing the child to develop the self-confidence and motivation necessary for further learning.

'Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart'

(Quotes from "Nurtured by love" and "Ability Development from Age Zero" by Dr. Suzuki)

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)

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