Spiritual Surgery

What is it?

Spiritual surgery is a technique which allows deep rooted blockages to be removed from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Pain and disease is usually caused by imbalances, blockages, negative thoughtforms and other repressed emotions. almost every other ache and pain we experience is a repressed emotional issue, some forms of cancer for instance are most certainly due to the supression of feelings these imbalances first manifest in the etheric body and afterwards in the physical body and it always happens in this order.

It relieves pain in all areas and promotes deep healing in the patient, all surgery is carried out using spiritual instruments, work is performed with one or two spiritual surgeons. each surgeon has his own medical team which can consist of nurses, doctors, anesthetists, spirit guides, Angels, and other spirits in training.

The Operation

Treatment begins once the patient is relaxed and comfortable, during the surgery NO PHYSICAL CUTS are made as only spiritual instruments are used although these are invisible to the naked eye, it is sometimes possible to feel certain sensations as the surgery is performed. sensations like heat or coolness in the affected area being worked on.

you will feel no pain because the operation isnt being done on the physical body like a normal operation. it is being carried out on the 5th spiritual body you have seven spiritual bodies in total these are known as the physical body, the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body, the astral body, the etheric template,the celestial body, and the ketheric body the operation takes place on the 5th spiritual body known as the etheric template changes made on this level will manifest into the physical body bringing changes. most times it can be instantly.

The operation will be carried out at various speeds spirit surgeons can work up to 30 x the speed of a real surgeon but typically they work about 10x the speed.

What will the Practitioner do during the operation?

The practitioner will just place his hands on or near the afflicted area, and go into a meditive state during the operation the practitioners hand may move slightly or twitch with sometimes jerking movements this is perfectly normal and indicates that surgery is underway some people experience a bouncing of energy through the muscles.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are as follows, The method is pain free, fast, and is a very easy process that promotes deep healing in the patient, it does not need anaesetic therefore no post operative recovery necessary, as it is non invasive there is no blood loss either, the client does not feel anything while the operation is taking place.speed of the operation a 25 minute spiritual operation is like having over 4 hours in a real theatre if they work at 10x the speed

Mannaz works with the following spiritual Doctors, Surgeons & Technicians -

Adam Spiritual Surgeon works on Bones Skeletal system

Choi Tan - Chinese Surgeon works on Muscular system & Nervous system

Dr Henry Lister - Spirit Guide

Dr David Samuals - Consultant Virologist works on conditions like Hepatitis, Aids

Dr Patel - Gynocologist / Midwife works with complicated Births and womens conditions

Sam - Dental Surgeon / Aneathitist worked as a surgeon before main anaesthetic introduced 1847

You will learn how to discover your own surgeons and doctors and step by step instruction how to perform this type of surgery.

Surgery can be done in person or from a distance preferably using a photograph,


Spiritual Surgery Practitioners provide a form of healing that is truly holistic and takes into account the emotional, mental, spiritual needs as well as those of the physical body therefore spiritual surgery may or may not produce the results that you expect. this does not in any way negate its effectiveness.

Spiritual surgery practitioners are ( invariably ) lay people without any medical training as such they are unable to diagnose or offer medical advice.

Spiritual surgery is not intended to replace any medical treatment you may be presently recieving merely treat it as one that assists the healing process

Spiritual surgery is not involved in any way with guidance or the clearing of past life issues, karmic debt, or emotional / energy blocks

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