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Whether you have experience as a Reflexologist or not, foot reading can open up a deeper understanding of the way our feet show our emotions and personality. This knowledge can be used in a therapeutic way for counselling or treatment to help clients learn more about their health and emotions and you can also use foot reading as a tool for self development.

You will be give 5 modules to work through encompassing all aspects of Foot Reading, including practical examples and exercises along with all the information you will need to work through.

Module 1 - In this module I will be taking you through the basics of where and how to start your reading. What your initial interpretation and findings are. The questions you might need to ask. Also your first clues to that person’s personality and feelings.

Module 2 - In this module I will be showing you all the different meaning of the toes and working through what they mean and why they happen.

Module 3 - In this module I will be showing you the different conditions and aspects of the feet you can use when you are foot reading. I have included pictures so that you will know what to look for, however these are extreme cases and it is unlikely you will see at lot of them.

Module 4 - In this module we will be looking at your nails and the condition and treatments of them. Also we will be exploring the colours of our feet to see what they can tell us of our mood and temperament. Along with that we will be looking at why bones in the feet are broken and what this tells us about the querent and looking into why people get tattoos and toe rings on their feet and what this reveals of their personalities.

Module 5 - In this module we will be looking at the temperature of the feet and you will be completing the practical part of the course by completing three full foot reading case studies on someone you know.

Following the completion of all 5 modules you will be issued a certificate that will allow you to practice Foot Reading for yourself and others.

I am committed to follow up support for all of my students for any questions or experiences you might have, that you would like to share.

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