Hellerwork Structural Integration

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Hellerwork Structural Integration is a 10 session series. It is a refined and truly integrative system. The permanent and on going changes result from a combination of Deep Structural Bodywork, Movement exploration and re-education and Body Centred Investigative Dialogue. Sessions last one and a half hours….....60 minutes of “hands on “ bodywork to release tension in the connective tissue, 20 minutes of movement exploration to help you uncover habitual holding patterns and through out an exploratory dialogue that helps you become aware of how your emotions and attitudes impact on your body, and your body on your emotions. A very powerful personal journey.

For people interested in personal growth, optimal health, activity and performance, Hellerwork provides a uniquely investigative and insightful opportunity to explore and extend your self understanding and potential. As the work is designed to heal, rejuvenate and relax it is also ideal for those either in pain, experiencing stress and tension, or with chronic injury. The combination of body work with movement re-education and dialogue is one of the most effective ways to produce lasting change.

Every body, of any age and occupation, benefits from Hellerwork. Therapists, performers, athletes and martial artists find it particularly helpful, as do those in more sedentary occupations who wish to maintain full function and energy.
Hellerwork leaves you invigorated, energised, lighter and more supple; transformed on many levels of life, physically, mentally and emotionally.
For more info visit: www.hellerwork.com

HOW LONG: 90 Minutes

£70 Wigton, £75 Manchester/Kendal for a 90 minute session

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