Next Free School meetup

Free School meetups are back!

After a bit of a hiatus during which School of Everything went international, announced a round of seed investment, helped out with Social Innovation Camp and moved the whole office around, I'm delighted to say that we've finally agreed a date to revisit the lo-fi version of what we do.

The next Free School will meet at the Gallery Cafe, Old Ford Rd, Bethnal Green from 6-9pm on Tuesday 29 April.

The idea is simple. Come along, eat cake, drink tea, chat to people. Add what you can teach to one side of the Free School sheet, and what you want to learn to the other. Include your name and email. Look for matching people.

It's surprising how many people find a match, even in a fairly small gathering.

There'll also be a couple of people doing 15-minute fun teaching sessions. If you fancy sharing something you know in 15 minutes, then drop me a line: mary [at] schoolofeverything dot com.

Like the idea of Free Schools but can't make it? It's Free, Libre, Offline Social Software - why not start your own? And tell us about it - we'll help if we can.

Here's the story of the first Free School we organised. But the idea goes way back. Find out more.