French podcasts

I've been learning French for many years now and one of the problems I have had is that there tend to be lots of resources available for beginners and conversely, if you are at an advanced level, you can watch French television online or buy French novels etc.

But if you are at an intermediate level like me then it can be a little tricky. The beginner stuff you already know, but you're not quite ready for the advanced stuff.

One thing I found a while back was a podcast in French called and I'd definitely recommend it. The podcasts actually vary in difficulty, but I've found them really useful.

One thing I like is that no English is spoken on these podcasts at all - the thing about language learning is that you really need to get into the mindset of the language you are learning and listening to podcasts that constantly switch back into English to explain things is so counter productive.

So get your ipod out and start downloading.


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