My Combat List

Below, I have listed all the forms of combat I have natural ability and some experience in. I am looking for a teacher, a mentor. I am not an ordinary fighter. I fight with instinct and knowledge, thought and force, mind and matter. I have been very patient in my search for a great mentor. I signed up here in desperation that there will be someone who can assist me. Teach me. Train me.

Combat Knife Training
Naked Training
Large Weapon Training (ie. Machete)
Stick Training

I live in Orangeville, ON. In Canada. I'd be willing to travel but do prefer to have a mentor a reasonable distance away. If there is a teacher out there who can teach me at least two of the 5 combat skills above, I'd love to have a chat. Maybe get together and talk. Anyway, I hope to hear from someone!

Brandon Marshall

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