Picking the right cable tray system to support electric wires in the industry

Have you been looking for ways to deal with electric wirings in your industry?
If yes, then here is an amazing equipment called the cable tray system that can help you deal with large amount of loose cable wires. Cable tray systems facilitate neat and organized way of managing cables in the industry. The equipment serves as an easy option to get the wiring compiled neatly in an industrial set-up where a lot of cable wires are left loose and unattended. Leaving the wires or cables unprotected can be a huge risk to the property and people working in the vicinity. A short circuit can lead to a disastrous loss of life and can even lead to operation failure.

Which type to pick for your industrial needs?
Looking for cable management system means you have many options to choose from when purchasing a cable tray for your industry. However, one should understand what best suits your system and the environment when selecting a cable tray. Tray cables in general are constructed with a solid-bottom which provides better protection from various exit cables that are may project out from it. Using such systems may ensure better protection. These heavy-duty cable trays are well-ventilated and provide a perfect way out to create a mesh in which one can fit the complex wiring systems neatly. This will help you keep all the messy wires well-organized and truly hold up all the loose wires together systematically. The tray provides good spacing and ventilation in between thus ensuring no risk of short-circuit or the possibility of overheating. Cable trays in general come in different variant namely ladder type cable trays, perforated cable trays, wire mesh cable tray systems to name a few. Ladder tray is the most common and the most economical type of tray, known for providing maximum ventilation for cables.

Cable tray manufacturers in Mumbai offer robust cable tray system using the finest quality raw material for efficient cable management. The system designed is used in various industries for distribution of power throughout the premises. Ladder cable trays are systems that consist of two longitudinal side rails or rungs, which are welded to the side rails or bolted in some cases. This type of cable tray provides maximum ventilation to heat producing cable such as power cables. These Ladder trays are designed carefully keeping in mind industrial requirements. These Ladders are available in standard length of 2500mm and also width ranging from 150mm to 1200 mm and height ranging from 50 mm to 150 mm.

Features of Cable tray system-
• Cable tray systems are designed and manufactured using high grade raw material.
• These electrical cable tray facilitate high quality industrial grade strength.
• They are the best cable management systems that are highly durable and offer a robust design.
• The tray cables are easy to use and install, offering best cable support to wires in the industry.
• Cable trays are available in a wide variety for light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty applications.
• What makes it more special is its excellent on-site integration & safety.

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