Why are cable tray systems considered cost-effective equipment for cable management?

Industries looking for a cable management system often get confused by the variety of options they get for managing loose cables. While design and features form a major portion, the cost is also a major factor from a purchase point of view, when selecting a wire management system. Organizations often prefer a cable tray system that is robust and yet cost-effective. In this article today we have discussed how and why is a cable tray system considered cost-effective when compared to a conduit system. This article provides information as to how cable tray systems help save costs.

Product Design helps save cost-
1. Cable tray systems are designed simple yet effective for managing cable wires. The wire management system simplifies the complexity of managing a large number of wires in the industry, requiring fewer elements or equipment for installation. Comparatively a Conduit system is very complex and requires several elements like pull boxes, splice boxes and requires several other support elements for installation making it overall very expensive.
2. Cable tray systems are small and compact requiring lesser space for installation in comparison to a conduit system. This eliminates the requirement for the demolition or building space for the system. Besides these tray cables fit the dynamic and growing needs of the industry thus reducing the cost of purchase of additional supporting equipment.
3. The design time required for a cable tray system is a lot less than a conduit system. This saves time and money invested in developing the system for the industry. Besides cable trays are more flexible by nature which makes it more desirable.

Material Procurement saves cost-
Cable tray systems in general require a lot less components than in a conduit wiring system. This saves a lot of money due to fewer components required to be installed and maintained. It literally helps save up to 80 percent as compared to the cost of conduits and its support equipment like the junction boxes, pulls boxes, etc.

Installation saves cost-
1. The installation of a cable tray wiring system requires a lot less manpower than required for a conduit wiring system. This is where one can see a major cost-saving.
2. Further, cable tray systems can be installed faster than conduits for they are simple in design. This saves a lot of time and money required for installing the equipment.
3. Moreover, there are a lot many individual components required in a conduit system than in a cable tray system. This results in requiring a large number of labors for handling and installing conduit systems as compared to a cable tray system. Besides the installation of a conduit system is a lot more complex and costly requiring a good investment of laborers to achieve installation.

Maintenance cost
Cable tray systems are not just easy to use and install but are equally easy to install. These equipment are specially designed resilient to any external environmental effect and corrosion. They are typically resistant to moisture, or any chemical reaction or harsh environmental conditions. So, it typically makes them a lot easier to maintain. The cost required to maintain this equipment is thus a lot less making it more affordable or cost-effective.

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