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Ophthalmologists are medical professionals who deal with an eye problem. So, pediatric ophthalmologists especially examine children and treat them for issues like a squint eye. A squint, or strabismus, is a condition in which the eyes do not align properly. For conditions like this consulting the ophthalmologist in Mumbai will help you with the right treatment. They are specially trained professionals who deal with children having squint eye conditions. They are specialist having good skills of engaging with children and getting their corporation to express their eye issues. In this article today we will be discussing how the best pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai can help with the treatment of squint eyes in children.
Squint eye in Children
Squint is a condition when both eyes are not aligned and do not look together in one direction when focusing on a single object. It is a condition caused when the eye muscles do not function properly in a balanced way and do not move together, leading to a Squint. However, a Pediatric Ophthalmologists in Mumbai can help treat the condition of squint in a child. Using comfortable equipment specially designed for children will facilitate easy treatment. But

Before we head towards the treatment of squint eye, let us first understand the cause of a squint.
Causes of Squint eye in a child
• Vision problems (refractive errors) – Refractive error is a common cause of a squint eye. So, if the eyes are short-sighted or long-sighted or if they have different powers, the eye muscles react accordingly to adjust the eyes and capture the visual causing squint.
• Family history – Squint can also be a genetic disorder. So, with a history of someone in the family who may have had squint could also be the reason for the condition.
• Premature birth – premature birth wherein a baby is born before the development of its organs could also have the condition of squint eye.
• Eye conditions –Damaged retina or optic nerve or other eye conditions or medical conditions could also be the cause of squint.
Signs to watch out for in a squint
Symptoms of squint eye with children are very difficult to understand at times as children do not see it as a problem. However, parents should be observant and keep a look at how their eyes react to visuals. Early detection can make the treatment easy and quick. Here are some symptoms you need to look at for early detection of squint eye condition-
• Crossed eyes when focusing on a specific object.
• Children may bring objects closer to their eyes if they have visual issues.
• Children face difficulty in eye movements.
• You might observe constant shaky movements of eyes.
• Children may be watching TV at a very close distance.

Treatment for Squint eye in children
Prompt treatment from the best Ophthalmologist in Mumbai will reduce the risk of complications, other conditions like amblyopia, or lazy eye. The younger the patient the more effective treatment is the treatment and the quicker the recovery. Given below are some treatment options often an ophthalmologist in Mumbai suggests.
• Glasses: If refractive error (long-sightedness & short-sightedness) is the cause of squint the doctor may suggest glasses for addressing the issue.
• Eye patch: Another common treatment for squint eye is wearing an eye patch on the good eye. The patch covers the good eye while gets the squint eye to work better.
• Eye exercise- Doctors also suggest eye exercise for children who have a condition of squint. The eye exercise involves the strengthening of eye muscles and better eye movement.
• Surgery- Surgery is the last resort and only used if other treatments are not effective. It can realign the eyes and restore binocular vision. A good squint surgeon in Mumbai can help with this treatment.

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