Tips for designing a user-friendly & engaging contact us page for your website

Designing a website by a website developer in Mumbai may not really be rocket science, but designing it right is the key. While the main objective of a website is to drive business, it is also important to ensure that the website is designed to build strong user engagement. Building communication with customers is crucial for business. So, considering a few crucial touchpoints that generate engagement is essential. This is why in today’s article we have discussed one major touchpoint which is often overlooked when designing a website and that is the contact us page. The contact us page is the most essential part of a website that drives sales for your business. So having it designed right is important. Given below are some golden rules that we have shared for our readers to keep in mind when they plan to build a website from a website development company in Mumbai for their business.
Essential points to consider when designing the contact us page-
• Easy to find or locate- This is a no-brainer for sure! When developing a website ask your web developer in Mumbai to ensure that they place a link to your contact us page where it is easily accessible. Visitors should not be struggling to locate your contact us page on the website. Make it easy for your customers to find you and get in touch with you.
• Keep it simple- The contact us page should be designed simple and professional. Do not add too many elements to the page other than contact forms and contact details. It is best to keep the page simple and easy to use. The visitor should not feel overwhelmed with too much content on this page. The contact page needs to look good and should also have enough white space to make the essential information stand out. A good page layout will easily guide the visitors in the right direction.
• Professionally and informative- Design the contact us page simple yet professional. Have a clean contact us form on your page along with all your contact details and office address mentioned on the page. You must also include a map of your location, social media pages, email addresses, and other relevant information. Ensure that the page is spell-checked and grammatically correct. After all, this is the page where you build engagement with your clients and get in touch with them directly.
• Accurate and consistent- When you develop a website through a website development agency in Mumbai ensure that the content or information is accurate and consistent across. This is especially for the contact us page wherein it is important that the information matches the information listed in other pages and elsewhere like directories and Google my business listings.
• Convenient- Make the phone numbers and email IDs clickable so customers can easily access you via Skype or outlook. You must also provide easy access to social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter to name a few. Keep the contact us page short and sweet and most importantly easy to use.

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