Getting into model helicopters

Ok, so my rc helicopter interest has become a bit of a joke about the office, but secretly I think they just envy my flying skills..

When I first went to the shop to buy one, the guy there told me not to buy the nice big one at first but work your way up, else it will all end in frustration, probably tears and definitely end up costing you.
I think I should say he was totally right! If you are interested in getting into model helicopters, DO NOT go and buy a nice expensive one to start with, because you will crash it and most likely in under 30 seconds. Seriously.

I started out with a Twister Hawk like this one: (but I don't have the nice red lights)

It has 4 channels of control and is a good model to learn on. You can't really use it outdoors unless it is dead calm, so a big room is ideal.

Then you can think about moving up to an outdoors model, I got a E-flite Blade 400 like here:

It is a 6 channel model and lots of fun, although I've already crashed it twice and broken lots of parts in the process.

The other thing I should say is don't get one of these helis unless you are interested in (or at least don't mind) fixing things, because you will spend as much time diagnosing and repairing these things as you do flying them.


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