US elections

Today I've been trying to get my head around how the US election tonight works.

Wikipedia is quite helpful:

and I thought this slideshow was very good at explaining things:

One thing that still wasn't really clear though was how the numbers added up. The electoral college consists of 538 votes, which means a candidate needs 270 votes to win (half the 538 plus 1) and there is one electoral college vote per senator (each of the 50 states has 2 senators) plus one vote per representative in Congress and the number of representatives each state has in Congress is proportional to the state's population.

But the total number of senators (100) plus representatives in Congress (which is 435) doesn't equal 538. Turns out this is because Washington DC doesn't have any representatives in Congress, but does get 3 electoral votes.
I hope I'm right in that analysis..

It's going to be one of the most interesting elections in a long time for sure!


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