How is possible to know what and where is our original self?

I always wondering how people know what is good and what is bad. At first , it seems to me that it was their choice. Now I know how naive I was. A simple mind can see that people are like machines. More like computers. You feed them with a program and they follow it. Language , body language , expression , communication , religion , everything it's a program of the society. Starting with family programming we copy them and follow blindly.
I'm a Christian because my parents were Christians , I'm a Buddhist because my parents were Buddhists and so on... This is normal until our 20s or 30s I guess , for many of us this is a way of life until death.
The question is : Where are we? Where is our original self? Where and what are our talents , our authentic elements ?
How can we find them , under tons of family/society rubbish? How can we rebuild our own self from scratch?
I have the answers , there are no secret but I learned from experience that you can't free the mind of an ignorant person. He/she has to have the willing and the energy to open this door. The door of personal revelation and liberation from unnecessary bonds. I was ignorant and I know for a fact that nobody could help me in any way because I hadn't the knowledge that I was ignorant. I thought that I knew , that I was strong and the others were weak. No one could help me and I was deaf and blind in anything useful for myself.
This message is for the ones who they can't find satisfaction. Is for the hungry for truth. Is for the hungry for freedom and authenticity . If you are one of them , I salute you and welcome you. I'll help you to stand on your own feet and fly to your personal horizons. Thank you for reading this.


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