Say 'I Love You'

Ready to take the plunge and introduce that most romantic phrase into your relationship's dialogue?


1 Decide if you do, indeed, love your mate. Most partners can see through a half-hearted "love ya" - which won't do your relationship any good.

2 Consider the possibility that your partner might not respond with the hoped-for "I love you, too." If you can handle that and still want to express your love, go for it. If you can't then consider holding off until either your partner will respond as hoped or you're ok with it if he or she doesn't.

3 Think about how you'd like to let your partner know the way you feel , keeping in mind that uttering those words may give birth to a life long memory. If spontaneity works for you, wait for the perfect moment. If you're more methodical, consider writing a love letter first, then telling your mate in person the next time you get together.

4 If you decide in advance when to reveal your love, plan a special evening around it. Such relationship milestones warrant celebration.

5 When you tell your partner you love him or her, do so while making total eye contact, and while you are holding each other. This gives the moment the intimacy it deserves.

*Tip Avoid saying the "L" word for the first time in the heat of passion - your partner may doubt the sincerity of your proclamation.

From ehow's book: How To Do Just About Everything

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