Request for Advice on 11+ Tuition

I work as a tutor at GCSE and A-level, in maths and the sciences. The problem is what to do to pay the bills in the summer holidays.

I have thought about tutoring the ‘Kent Test’ (which is the 11+ here) through the summer. I have been given differing opinions on this: some say it is easy and I should go for it, others say that it is so unlike tutoring the 15-18 age group that a very different style is needed and parent’s expectations are much higher of the tutor relative to the student given the latter are only 10 years old.

I also wonder if I could be stretching myself too thin so to speak, given the amount of work in keeping up with all the syllabuses and courses for my main subjects. Does anyone have experience of doing the 11+ or has relevant advice to offer?


Hi, the main problem with teaching the 11+ is that the results are not always satisfactory despite any amount of teaching and preparation that goes in before hand. Because it is a intelligence test, the marks gained are usually based on the participants natural mental abilities. This is not to say that tutoring for the 11 plus is always pointless but there is always a chance of a disappointing result. I personally have taken the (IQ)test 4 times in various forms and personally a little preparation before hand the first time may of helped a bit, so maybe it is worth looking into, especially during the summer months were I imagine it is difficult to find work.

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