what is subjective science?

subjective science is the methodology by which we come to comprehend ourselves.

objective science is the methodology evolved over centuries to study objects, most recently developed over the last 200 to 400 years in the west.

some simple equivalences between the science of objects and the science of subjects: experiments v experience, facts v insights, knowledge v wisdom, absolute v relative, falsification v verification, logical v intuitive, predictive v unpredictable, simple v complex.

study involves meditation, tai-chi or tango or yoga, XQ: mental processes involved in mathematics, psycho-social dynamics, collaboration and confluence, ethical economic models, social art, collective strategy, world peace.

the common operating system for western science is mathematics; mathematics has another side to it, the subjective side, which reflects our mental functioning, and as such constitutes a minimal language. this way of looking at maths, XQ, indicates that mathematics IS the model for consciousness.

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