what is high tango?

If you take a look at my experience, you'll see I talk about 'high tango' and 'low tango'. I use these terms because they are quite different forms of tango, both of which achieve the same objective: to become one.

The 'high tango' is about losing balance. It's about losing balance together, and finding it once more. The balance is shared. The type of music is best suited for is vals or waltz, since we find ourselves dancing effortlessly upon the flowing melody. High-points arise naturally from the music, where both partners are tip-toe and one with the music, a precarious and unstable point, but a point that stretches a moment for a timeless experience. From such high points, we fall into one another's arms, catching one another to spin and turn and rise once more as the music does. The pauses occur naturally, as high-points.

The initial condition of the dance, the starting point, the first embrace, tells everything. If the women lets herself lose her balance, and stands as if on toe-tip, like a pencil balances on the point, and rests naturally in the man's embrace. She feels as light a feather since she is not holding herself. He has her balance, and in so doing, when she is left to fall and he catches her and moves occur, there is only movement, and he is like a guide around this spinning top of a woman. The art, is when the man too loses his balance, and rises with her to toe-tip at the climax of the music, and neither know which direction they shall fall, how they will catch one another, and so the dancing is mutual. They have become one. Tango is found.

Why 'high' tango? Not just because of these toe-tip moments. Conduct the following thought experiment. Imagine mapping the dance in four dimensional space, including time. The phase-space outlines a signature unique to this form of tango, because of the type of music, the style of embrace, and the individual postures of the dancers.


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