A One Day course in Fundamentals of Chemistry

Date and Venue:

This course will be held on 31st October 2009 at Bury Development and Training Centre, Seedfield site, Parkinson Street, Bury BL9 6NY. After this the course is held at every Saturday at various location of Manchester. This one-day course will run from approximately 9am to 5pm. Full joining instructions will be sent out to each delegate prior to each course.


Chemistry is a vital Science for joining various degree programmes such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering etc. Understanding its fundamental concepts will make it easier to go through these degree programmes. The course is intense but hopes to provide an understanding of Chemistry syllabus that is required for A’ Level. It will highlight the difficult areas and assist with technique to tackle exam with confidence. This requires focus and understanding to ensure the success in this subject.

Course Content:

The course will cover Chemistry A’ level syllabus, including topics in Organic Chemistry, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. You will learn about the atomic structure, the periodic table of elements, bonding, Organic Chemistry, Energetic, Kinetics, Equilibrium, Redox Reactions, Extraction of Metals, Haloalkanes, Mechanism, Analytical Chemistry, Mass Spectra and infra-red.

Benefits of the Course:

By the end of this course, we expect the students to gain a basic knowledge of Chemistry A’ Level. They would be able to answer questions relating to fundamental chemistry with confidence. Students would also be able to use this course as a spring board to go on to do chemistry at higher level. The course will also be beneficial to those with scientific backgrounds wishing to refresh their basic chemistry knowledge. All delegates will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance.

Who should attend?

The course will be of relevance to anyone who is:
1) taking up A’ level Chemistry course in future
2) already doing Chemistry A’ level but struggling to grasp some concepts
3) from scientific field and wish to improve understanding in Chemistry
4) doing a Chemistry based degree but struggling due to lack of Chemistry background
5) thinking of a career change to a Chemistry based career


This course is designed and delivered by Dr Chand Zahid who has been working in teaching sector for past few years. Prior to that Dr Chand Zahid has worked in Glasgow University as a Research Associate where she was part of a team who carried out clinical trial of Arthritic Patients. Her specialised area is Chemistry which gives her an edge to tackle Chemical problems with an ease. Whilst doing her PhD in University of Birmingham, she gained experience in how to teach Science and technology to individuals with non-scientific background. She was also researcher in residence for her sponsors EPSRC which involved delivering Chemistry syllabus to 14-16 years old. She has taught Chemistry in various colleges in Manchester as well as been a private tutor to more than 100 students.


The cost for the one-day course is £130 but if book in advance with full payment it is £99.


To book a place(s) on this course, please contact us on 07877 027 816 requesting a booking form and information on payment methods.

Further Information:

More information about our services is available on our website www.manchesterscience.co.uk Alternatively contact our Administrator at:
Tel: 07877 027 816

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