Drawn to Bankside Event. Come and Draw with a Purpose!

Interested in having a fun-filled day of drawing?

Play Rethink is taking part in London's FREE Big Draw Campaign at the Drawn to Bankside FINALE on the 31st of October. Play Rethink is a fun game that brings people together to rethink everyday objects. How will you rethink a vacuum cleaner for a community?? Or a toaster that uses renewable energy? Who knows, you might even invent the next best thing! Come and Join us!


When: Saturday 31 October 2009 from 10am-5pm
Where: Vinopolis, The Great Halls, Stoney Street access

Drawn to Bankside has been brought to London by the Campaign for Drawing, Campaign for Learning and the Learning Revolution Festival. They are bringing people of all ages together in Southwark to attend FREE sketch, paint, and sculpture workshops with leading artists and performers.

Don't be shy, say hello. We'd love to hear from you.

[email protected]