Can anybody do healing?

Can anybody do healing?

Everyone has the natural ability to heal. The two main ingredients to make a successful healer are the ability to give love unconditionally and the intention to channel universal healing energies for you will be acting as a conduit for the energies of love. These energy streams are of such high vibration that they will uplift the spirits of the person you are helping and assist in the releasing of the imprints left of their energy field by past experiences. This will help them to let go anxiety and disharmony resulting in feelings of calm and balance.

How is it done?

There are many methods of healing with energys including Reiki Sekhem, Pranic etc. Here is a simple intuitive mthod that Hearts & Hands teach.

There are two basic steps to this healing process. Firstly you clear and then you energise. The intention of the clearing is to dissolve the congested energies caused by the negative thoughts of worry, anger and frustration that collect in the aura when a person is stressed or when they have had an upsetting or traumatic experience. It also helps to clear old emotions that they might be holding within themselves from the past. Bad experiences leave imprints on our energy body and the clearing process helps to release these and associated memories that are the unconscious source of much of our anxiety and fear.

If possible work in a quiet place and put a bowl of salty water nearby to receive the negative energies relased in the healing.

Step One - Protection
To protect yourself from the energies of the person you are helping see yourself surrounded by a violet flame, this is a powerful protective visualisation. You can also use the Ripple anointing oil Protection which you can purchase from our Ripple Website,

Step Two – Asking for Help
If you wish you can say a short prayer or ask for help from the spirit world e.g. angels, Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Shiva, Kali, Mother Mary etc. whatever feels right for you. Otherwise you put out the intention that the very highest good will come to the person you are helping

Step Three - Sweeping - Clearing
This is the first step of the healing. Using your hands as a comb sweep through your patient’s aura from above the head down to their feet. Flick the energy that you are releasing into the bowl of water. You may or may not feel the differences of the energy of person as you pass your hands over them. If you feel a “sticky” area then give that extra sweeping and remember to give this more attention when energising. This part of the process will make the patient relax and lighter and extremely therapeutic. Continue for about five minutes.

The sweeping is excellent for clearing away toxicity of any kind and for clearing congestion such as a stuffy nose or sinusitis. If your patient has a headache using your hands comb from the head out to about 2 feet all around the head. With babies this process can be all they actually need for healing and is particularly good for helping with fevers

Step Four - Energising
For the next stage our motivation is to energise and uplift the spirits of the person. We do this by consciously opening ourselves to the highest vibrations of energy in the universe – these are the streams of love and compassion that flow from the source of all (God, Spirit, the Creator, the Greater Consciousness) either directly or through masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin etc. By using a powerful healing symbol you send your intention to the universe to allow these energies to pass through you to the person you are helping. No other action is required on your part other than holding a state of a loving concern. You will always be the channel you do not give of your own energy other than through the actions of the treatment.

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