37th Kingswood Drum Corps

Subjects: Brass, colour guard, drum, flags, horns, marching band ...
Based in
Bristol, City of Bristol, United Kingdom
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The 37th Kingswood Drum and Bugle Corps are a youth group dedicated to providing young people with superb musical training at a very affordable price. The junior section of the corps, the Cadets, are currently looking for new talent, which provides a great opportunity for the kids of Bristol and the surrounding area to get involved in something very positive, giving them a chance to develop life-long skills and friendships.

With over 40 years of experience the Corps has a track record of bringing out the very best musical qualities that most young people possess. Success is based upon a determination to make music enjoyable, providing regular opportunities for members to experience a "buzz" from performing in contests around the country on the competitive Drum Corps circuit (BYBA and DCUK).

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