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It is frequently polish that after lodging of the above structure with the Commissioner of Income Tax, the structure is sent out by him to your Assessing Officer. He in wording appoints an Inspector to visit your spot to examine your books of records and other suitable subtle aspects. In view of such an assessment, a report is sent to the Commissioner by the Assessing Officer. This report is the most vital component in the entire process. After tameness of such evaluation report, a demand is accepted by the Commissioner offering the enlistment U/s 80g. On the occasion that, the Earnings Tax Authority selects not to permit enrollment of your Society a notification will be sent out showing the aim of the division and on receipt of which you can send your protests or remarks.

Commitment after registration:.
As soon as your public is enrolled, there make certain commitments, obliged to be followed. This registration empowers givers of your public; a conclusion on the sun offered by them to your public. To empower them to claim such absolution, the receipt released by you should hold reference of the support magistrate's request U/s 80g and ideally a duplicate of such approbation should be offered to the providers. The public should furthermore submit its constant Tax return in time, despite the fact that, it is NIL.

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