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Welcome to Be Ready Coaching

In a world of unlimited choices but limited time, Be Ready Coaching invites you to question ‘What do you want?’

Now we are adults, we have the opportunity to make choices about how we define our ideal life and what it is filled with.

What do you love?

How do you want to feel?

What do you want to do?

How do you want to spend your time?

We offer one on one sessions that give you the space to think about these questions so you can gain some clarity. The time is dedicated to you to find the answers and BE READY for the next chapter.

You will leave the sessions with a clear goal in place and an actionable to do list to help you get closer to it.

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Here's what our clients said about us.....

I was fortunate enough to have Nicky as a coach over a 6 month period, and found her to be very professional in her approach, whilst still allowing me to relax.She is warm, friendly and non-judgemental, so you really feel you can open up and tell her how you feel about things.I was able to gain clarity and focus on my goals and really felt I could move forward. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Susan Smith- Bedford

The coaching sessions were a very positive experience for me. I was unsure about how much impact it could possibly have and how it actually works. It was very helpful in the sense it helped me put my thoughts and aims in order and gain perspective. I was hesitant at first but Nicola was very un-intimidating and understanding and straight away I felt like I could speak openly. She was very professional while still being friendly and very easy to speak to. The experience has made me see why people say it’s a brilliant thing to try and something that I would definitely consider carrying on with in the future.

Talaat Rosy- London

My coaching session with Nicky was super. Nicky is an excellent facilitator – she has great skills and uses them with effortless ease. The session has helped my articulate my goal and become grounded in relating with my goal. Today I was able to form to my ideas, previously I had felt spaced.

Deepali Shah- London

The coaching provided to me by Nicky has allowed me to order my working week into a manageable timetable. I found it very easy to talk to Nicky and brainstorm in my own head to resolve the issues from the succinct questions Nicky posed.

Tony Gwynne- Plymouth

I have come on in leaps and bounds in my career as a working actor. Through our sessions we brainstormed and created bize sized goals which I have stuck to and have enable my to progress. Nicky is both positive and inspiring, intelligent and engaging.

Kasia Mount- London

Nicky worked with me to come up with 4 clear actions that have helped me to move towards my workshop date with a sense of control and achievement. The immediate impact of the coaching session was one of calm and also excitement that this is achievable and that I am able to make substantial progress before the end of the year.

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