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Bewdley began in January 2008, based at the luxury venue of the Ramada (now called the Mercure). It remained a small club for its first year and as such there grew a close bond between the students who trained together. With each new member that is welcomed into our fold the close family feel of the group remains the same between students of all ages and abilities as we work together to become strong individuals.

Bewdley is very proud of its Saturday Morning Venue, the Mercure Hotel, which offers mirrored walls, air-conditioning and a water machine. Students can relax in the coffee shop, or perhaps make use of the other facilities such as the pool, sauna or Jacuzzi after their class. Saturday sessions are divided by grade, with beginners starting at 10, going at a slower pace through more basic techniques, then advanced students start at 11, where the pace is faster and the work is harder!

Our Tuesday classes are held in Bewdley High School dance studio. The spacious studio offers plenty of seating for spectators and a large mirror to aid a student perfect their technique. We are proud to be in the school as being involved in the local community is very important to WMT and we try to be involved with the school and its activities whenever possible. Tuesday’s session is divided by age, to allow juniors to have a bit more fun with their training, and also for health and safety reasons: We will do more padwork, and sparring on Tuesdays and it is better for people to be partnered with similar sized people for this.

As a club we have had great success in gradings, and regional, national and international tournaments. We will put students forward into the world championships this year and hope to bring back medals! YOU could be one of them

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