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Beyond Skin is an organisation based in Northern Ireland established in 2004, using music, arts and media to assist cultural relations in Northern Ireland, in an aim to address racism & sectarianism. Key objectives:
• To address racism and sectarianism in Northern Ireland through multicultural arts
• To promote positive attributes reflected from a society made up of different cultures • To promote multicultural arts for the benefit of the inhabitants of Northern Ireland
• To promote racial harmony and the exchange of cultural ideas and relations through the medium of the arts
• To contribute to maintaining a peaceful society in Northern Ireland
• To increase social awareness of different cultures within Northern Ireland
• To increase links between communities from different cultural backgrounds
• To present, promote, organise, manage and produce performances and exhibitions of works of cultural and educational value
We develop and manage many projects throughout Ireland and have core main flagship programmes that are well documented by organisations and people across Northern Ireland and globally to produce very positive outcomes and resources.
• The Motion Project. Multi-cultural collective using music as a methodology for cultural exchange & education
• Homely Planet Inter(net) Cultural Radio. Cultural exchange / education and world music through radio broadcasts and forums
• Beyond Skin Global. Using music, art and media to link global development issues to local race relations
Beyond Skin are by far the most active peacebuilding organisation using multicultural artforms in northern Ireland (172 events in 2010). Currently we have ove 25 nationalists represented throughout our staff who play a key role in developing and delivering projects that assist the integration and cultural relations process.
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