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Jun Fan Wing Chun Do is a uniquely scientific martial discipline. It is a self-defense system designed for only one purpose, practical street defense. To ensure efficiency, all techniques are based on a set of clearly demonstrable body mechanics and held to a standard of simplicity, efficiency and practicality. Our concepts and principles have been proven and refined. Wing Chun Do began in Seattle, Washington in 1959 when Sijo James DeMile began his training with the legendary Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee brought to America the most efficient fighting techniques that China had to offer. He gathered around him a group of experienced fighters, James DeMile, Jesse Glover, Ed Hart, and Taky Kimura, Leroy Garcia, Skip Ellsworth among others. These men became Bruce's inner circle and the proving ground for his newly evolving fighting style. Through hundreds of hours of intense training (fighting), Bruce modified the traditional techniques of Wing Chun into the most dynamic fighting art the world has seen.

At that time, Bruce Lee did not take the role of teacher, but that of a sparring partner. He did not consider his knowledge to be a finished product, but a work in progress. Together these veterans of Bruce’s “fighting period” explored every nuance of human biomechanics. They approached the development of physical motion in combat from a purely scientific standpoint. The result was the formulation of a set of body mechanics so natural that they could be utilized against people of any size and skill level. This was to become the basis for Jun Fan, and later Jeet Kune Do.

Very few men can say that they touched hands and fought directly with Bruce Lee. But the men in Seattle did it almost everyday. This is what makes the Seattle period so important.

After decades of touring the U.S. and Europe presenting seminars on Bruce's concepts, DeMile settled in Honolulu, Hawaii and was inspired to begin teaching the fighting skills he had acquired through his relationship with Bruce. He organized his knowledge and experience into a teachable format, and founded the Wing Chun Do Gung Fu system. Today, the Tao of Wing Chun Do Headquarters is in Rogue River, Oregon.

The future of Wing Chun Do lies in the hands of its inheritor, are you the future inheritor to Sijo Bruce Lee Linage

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