Bristol North & Bristol South Martial Arts (TaeKwon-Do)

Subjects: martial art, Taekwon-do, taekwondo
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Bristol, City of Bristol, United Kingdom
Bristol North & Bristol South Martial Arts (TaeKwon-Do) |
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A friendly martial arts club run by Mr Russ Martin, 5th Dan, teaching TaeKwon-Do (a korean martial art which can be loosely described as a cross between Karate and Kickboxing) at three locations across Bristol; Bradley Stoke, Whitchurch and Southville.

TaeKwon-Do will get you fit, teach you self defence, improve your confidence, balance and co-ordination, but most of all you will have FUN! We pride ourselves that we teach an extraordinary martial art to ordinary people - that's people of any age and any background, you don't need to have any experience of martial art at all - and we are not just a club for young fit things! We take children from the age of five, and adults up to 85!

Come along and give it a try - you can train for a whole MONTH COMPLETELY FREE - and there are no contracts to sign. We're a very friendly, welcoming bunch; we're always glad to see a new face!

Our clubs have been running for over twenty years, and we are part of the TAGB - the largest martial arts association in Europe with over 400 clubs in the UK with over 25,000 members.

Don't be shy, say hello. We'd love to hear from you.

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