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Eastbourne, East Sussex, United Kingdom
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CERVANTES is an academy of Spanish located on 4, Warrior Square in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England. We offer off line and on line lessons of Spanish (not only the language but the culture, tradition, the passion of the real Spaniards).
The hours of operation for CERVANTES are:
Monday-Friday 9a.m.-8.30p.m. off line / Monday-Sunday 24 hours on line.


Would you like to start but have no idea how to get started?
We would recommend you to start with a two day (weekdays or weekend) intensive programme and then continue with weekly sessions thereafter.

Please visit CERVANTES website, you will not regret.

CERVANTES success formula lies in different aspects.

* First and most important for us:

Yes, it means that Spanish is not just a language but a life style. If you want to feel what it does really mean, if you want to try another life style, where treating yourself and enjoying with family and friends are some of the most important things in life, then, you are in the correct place. Because life in only one and once, here is the Spanish language contribution to the internationally famous words - FIESTA & SIESTA-

* Second aspect:

Based on the Direct Method, we use a technique of teaching a foreign language without reference to the students native language. This method of total immersion has been proven to be the most effective means of rapidly developing real language skills. It is recognized as one of the best methods for language instruction and currently used around the world. With this method, students quickly develop the ability to think in their new language. This approach is both easy and satisfying. Student progress is quite rapid. Students progress at their own pace in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere. With our method, students will begin speaking their new foreign language from the very first lesson (guaranteed), even if they have never spoken a word of their new language before.

* Third aspect:

This is a real effective way of learning and practicing Spanish with different native teachers who, at the same time, work as a team, behind lessons, to ensure the students´success.

At the same academy you will enjoy lessons with different accents and voices. Since our huge experience we DO totally believe that alternating lessons with female teachers and lessons with male teachers can definitely help students with a faster and effective improvement.

We are CERVANTES, a group of native teachers of a reputed school, teaching on line for last 5 years, and off line for many more years.
We are based in Eastbourne, the sunniest city in the green UK, and also in the beautiful Spain. Some of our teachers are based in different countries. We teach students from all over the world by internet.
CERVANTES academy is looking for students who are keen to start our courses by internet or at Cervantes´s place, in Eastbourne. One to One, One to Two or Groups lessons, any age, all levels, everyone is welcome. Emphasis on SPEAKING and achieving progress. We offer pronunciation improvement, a focus on speaking in intact phrases and can push your progress to the next level. We really impact your FLUENCY.
Academic supervision with our Academic Director.
Periodic teacher rotation for optimum progress.

Don't be shy, say hello. We'd love to hear from you.

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