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The Change Collectives mission is to empower marginalised people through creative processes that foster personal, social and artistic development. Working locally and internationally with communities on the outskirts of society and the organisations that influence them, The Change Collective promotes the human rights of every individual encountered on our journey of change.

The Change Collective unites a number of Creative Practitioners in their committment to using creativity as a tool for social change and by delivering arts-based, educative projects and raising public awareness about social issues of concern.

We provide a wide range of projects for vulnerable adults, women’s groups and young people at-risk using Digital, Performing and Visual Arts. Projects are designed in consultation with the participants so that we can make sure we meet their expectations and deliver a programme that is relevant, informative and engaging. Groups are able to explore social issues through a range of creative practices to allow space for dialogue, experimentation, imagination and risk. This way, ideas can be generated organically and investigated safely.

Arts for Survival – This programme aims to further develop our understanding of working with trauma with the intention of providing arts-based workshops for adults, young people and children who have experienced atrocities such as trafficking, war or natural disasters.

Arts for All – Projects that enable participants from all walks of life to come together to explore and promote integrated working through engaging with creativity. Examples of this include cross-cultural exchanges, intergenerational projects and inclusive workshops for people of mixed abilities.

Arts for Living – These projects encourage dialogue and enable the development of life skills such as teamwork and communication. Projects may take place with young offenders, students or refugees and focus on issues such as employment, conflict resolution or citizenship.

As part of our commitment to sustainable change, The Change Collective provides training for practitioner who are motivated to use creative approaches in development work. We can tailor a training programme to suit the needs of an individual organisation or school and deliver in-house or trainees are able to attend our regular public training events. Generally, the training is offered as providing insight into: Creative Approaches to Group Development Work. This includes Participatory Video, Forum Theatre and Introductory training Facilitation technique.

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