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Brixton Hill, Greater London, United Kingdom
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Our martial art is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness. Whether you are new to martial arts or an experienced martial artist your will be made to feel welcome and at ease in all our schools. Our system is designed to be effective for self defense on the street, our martial utilizes many techniques from other martial arts but you will notice some differences to the way we do things.

From your first class you will learn effective self defense techinques such as blocks that will protect you in the event of attack, as you progress you will learn a great variety of hand and leg techniques, strikes, locks, takedowns. Advanced students learn pressure-point defence, defence against a knife attacks and multiple attackers.

None of our techniques use rigid, lock-out movements as in some of the traditional martial arts styles; we believe that these rigid movements lack agility and may cause swelling and inflammation to the joints.

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