Children's Summer Film Making Workshops

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Stoke Newington, Greater London, United Kingdom
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Children’s Summer Film Making Workshops

Monday 30th July 2012 - Friday 3rd August 2012
Monday 6th August 2012 - Friday 11th August 2012

Whether it's a music video, documentary or short story, these workshops will give you the chance to turn your ideas into a visual masterpiece. Learn to develop your filming and editing skills and take home a copy of the DVD of your work at the end of the week.

10am-4pm £150 per week
9am-5:30pm (£60 extra) 9am-4pm (£25 extra) 10am-5:30pm (£40 extra) (2nd sibling discount available)

Number 98: Space To Create
98 Rendlesham Road E5 8PA

Age group: 10-14 (The tutor is CRB checked)
Contact: Benjamin Cooper

[email protected] +44(0) 7968 205 698

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