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Clive Chilvers Photography has trained facilitators on the Participatory Photography (photovoice) techniques providing workshops and train-the-trainer sessions in the UK to bring participatory photography to service users, research participants, and organisations working directly with young people and adults in different social settings.

Participatory photography, also referred to as “photovoice,” are terms used to describe a form of photography whereby a group of individuals are provided with photographic equipment and guided workshops offering the opportunity to photo-document an issue or problem that affects them, or the people and the communities around them. The resulting images can form the basis for discussion leading to heightened awareness, advocacy, potential social change and enable individuals to communicate their story or situation to a wider audience.

Participatory photography workshops are flexible and can be tailored to the needs and priorities of the supporting organisation and participants. The workshops are based on three 3hr sessions, working with groups of up to 5 people, with two follow-up sessions. The content of the sessions are tailored to the project and include the participants learning the basis aspects of camera technique, photo editing, image captioning and photo-story presentation, as well as participants delivering a photo-documentary.

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