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CKUK works with people with learning difficulties to enrich their lives. CKUK, established in 2005, is the only organisation in the UK that offers online learning, accessible information and social networking to people with learning difficulties.

CKUK provides engaging, accessible and interactive information and learning that can be understood by everyone. We make learning fun and successfully demonstrate that people with learning difficulties can use multimedia to communicate, learn and raise awareness about their issues. We tackle a range of sensitive topics including hug, death and bullying.

CKUK fully involves people with learning difficulties in everything we create. We provide opportunities to make friends, tell their stories, learn about life, their rights and share with others their skills, talents and interests, Using our online friendship site, CKFriends (1,450 members) and our online magazine, CKClick, people with learning difficulties contribute, communicate, inspire and engage with each other and the wider world.


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