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Connect to the Classroom is an education consultancy for those who don't normally work in schools.

We specialise in helping organisations in the private, public and voluntary sector that want to get involved in education and the school curriculum, because we believe that there are huge benefits for young people when they do.

Tim Hemming is the founder and director of Connect to the Classroom. As an experienced lead teacher and co-ordinator of Citizenship and PSHE who works on a regular basis with external organisations, Tim understands that schools will use resources that are of high quality, modern and relevant to young people.

As the student voice co-ordinator at his school, Tim also understands how young peoples like to learn and knows from experience how to design, run and manage projects that will motivate and inspire.

To have an impact on education an organisation needs to understand what schools, teachers and learners need. That means being well informed about current government policy and educational initiatives in order to be effective and to have a positive impact on learners.

Tim's expertise in the classroom and knowledge of current education policy means you can be assured the work you do is relevant to schools and the classroom.

If you are interested in working with schools or creating programmes and resources for young learners then contact us.

You can contact Tim by e-mail: [email protected]
or call: +44 (0) 7917715539

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