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The days of random friend requests, timelines and message spam are over: with our platform, users meet the connections they need to expand their horizon and build something great. Other professional platforms are filled with inactive users and when it comes time to build your network - your message isn’t being read. ConnectUp isn’t a digital business card with a timeline full of nonsense, this is a platform to actually build a real live network.

ConnectUp solves a problem that other business networks fail to address: we are a platform that allows professionals to discover others that are active-phase mindset. Our social algorithm will automatically connect you with the professional network you are looking for so you can easily sort through relevant connections quickly. We make it simple to connect with real & active users and engage in immediate discussion.

ConnectUp is an application geared towards creators: startup founders, entrepreneurs, service providers and individuals looking to expand their professional network. We make it simple to search & connect with like minded individuals for new opportunities, find contacts with skill sets that can complement yours or simply expand your network.

Everyone has an innate desire to build and be part of something bigger - ConnectUp makes that possible. We are the professional networking tool of the future where you can truly build an active network of individuals looking to create something great.

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