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The Courage to Sing School of Voice

The Courage to Sing has combined principles from performing arts training (singing lessons, vocal training, acting classes and dance), holistic education and complementary health in a unique formula that leads to in depth and fast learning results. These principles include personal growth training (the healing arts, life coaching, leadership development training, NLP, healing with sound, meditation and relaxation techniques).

Our Unique Singing Classes support anyone who wants to improve their sound; build confidence and improve their performance. There are Group Classes for Beginners and also Solo Singing Courses for Intermediate Level Singers and Private lessons for people who are ready to take their singing and performance to the next level. Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Workshops are also available.

If you have the COURAGE TO SING you have the courage to make your voice heard whether it is to get a part in a show or a gig with a band or to speak up for yourself at a dinner party; get a promotion at work; get clear with a loved one.

What the press says:
The Evening Standard “tingling from head to foot”
The Daily Express “I feel like I’m walking on cloud nine”
Also as featured on The BBC 3’s “Honey we’re killing the Kids”

*Learn to sing with total confidence and authenticity
*All styles, from pop to jazz to R&B to classical covered,
*All levels from beginner to advanced welcome
*Breathing and pitch control improved
*Increased power and range
*Preparation for recording, gigs, auditions and concerts
*Improved presentation skills
*Self- Empowerment and more self-confidence
*Increased creativity, self-expression and feelings of well-being
*Opportunities to record a demo.
*Give your SOUL this opportunity to find its self and sing.

*Breath control
*Voice control
*Good intonation and tuning
*to sing it with your own interpretation, with control, strength and your own unique style

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