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Dancing is a wonderful experience for anyone of any age. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or someone who has been dancing their whole lives. Dancing offers something for everyone. Here at The Dance Academy we provide you with the opportunity to learn, progress and most importantly enjoy the benefits of what dancing has to offer. We have a great Junior Programme which is fun and enjoyable whether it's social or competitive. We have a selection of dance classes which are developed for young children to safely learn the basic steps of various dance styles and movement in a way appropriate for the child's level of physical development. Choose the dance style that suits you, whether its Street Dance, Latin American, Freestyle Disco, Rock 'n Roll, or a combination.
Our Adult Dance classes are aimed to move from beginner to an accomplished dancer within a relaxed social environment. There are plenty of opportunities for our adult pupils to socialise at our regular social dances and party evenings.

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