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You’ve heard about some of the benefits of window tinting for your Auckland home or business, and now you need to find an installer you can rely on. At Decal Team, we have extensive experience installing window tints on residential and commercial windows. You can expect the highest standard of workmanship and attention to detail when you choose us as your window tint installer.

In addition, we only use the best products on the market. The window tinting film that we install is from 3M, the leading manufacturer in the industry. Window tint from 3M is high-quality and long-lasting, plus we are a certified 3M window tint installer. Get a quote today.

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Adding window tinting to your windows will make them more suitable for your location in Auckland. The main benefits of window tinting include:

· Reduces heat to make your home, business, or office more comfortable by reducing the amount of sunlight that gets in through your windows. Light will still get into your rooms, but the light won’t be as strong, so it won’t be as hot, making your rooms cooler, particularly on hot and sunny days.

· Following on from the above point, as your rooms will be cooler, window tinting reduces your energy bills as you won’t need to run your air conditioning as much during the summer months.

· Window tinting also stops almost all ultraviolet light. This is the light that causes sunburn and long-term damage to your skin. As a result, window tinting helps to protect your skin and it can help prevent sunburn.

· Window tinting reduces glare in your rooms, which is good for your eyes.

· Window tinting also improves privacy, particularly in your home. This is because the window tinting film stops people outside your house from being able to see inside. You’ll still be able to see out, though.

· With window tinting installed, your curtains, furnishings, and carpets will have added protection from the sun. The days of your fabrics fading in the sunlight will be over.

· Window tinting also prevents glass from shattering when broken, reducing the potential for injury. Instead of glass shattering, the shards remain stuck to the window tinting film.

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