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With many years of experience in the lifestyle management and mental wellbeing sector, Dorset Mindfulness Centre offers mindfulness for stress reduction, personal coaching as well as mindfulness for mental wellbeing to individuals throughout the local area. Founded in 2012, the organisation is based in at the Shelley Manor Medical Centre in Bournemouth.

Dorset Mindfulness Centre is a member of National Counselling Society.

The organisation is managed by Robert Gebka who has been involved in the counselling services market since 2000. Robert Gebka is well trained to manage the organisation, having previously managed a stress clinic working with individuals interested in making meaningful changes in their lives supporting them on their recovery and life journey.

We offer:

Introductory Mindfulness Workshops
8 - Week Mindfulness Courses
Mindfulness at Work Tester Sessions as well as
Half-Day and Full-day Mindfulness Retreats

Robert is a professional mindfulness consultant, trainer, coach and speaker. He practices Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Stress Reduction as well as life coaching. He is also a Peer Specialist Trainer with the Dorset Mental Health Forum.

Robert gained the following qualifications:

- Mindfulness Training: A five year residency at the Nan Hua Buddhist Monastery (South Africa).
- One year fulltime Certificate in Buddhist Studies and Mindfulness Practice (South Africa).
- Train the Trainer Certificate: Dorset Mental Health Forum.
- Bachelors Degree (USA) Psychology and mental wellbeing related.
- Diploma in Professional Hypnotherapy (UK).
- General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (UK).
- Certificate in Traditional Japanese Jikiden Healing (Japan).
- Certificate in Personal Coaching, LONDON.
- Other NHS certificates related to mental health.

Robert took part in a three year course of personal psychotherapy as part of his personal and professional development and also took part in a one-day, three-day and seven-day mindfulness based Zen style residential retreats.

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