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The Elite Specialist in the UK for the 11 Plus GL and CEM Examinations and Beyond. Teach, Guide, Lead and Inspire Pupils to be ready to surpass any obstacles.

Elevenology (formerly known as 11+ CEM Academy Ltd.) was established in 2013, expanding from home to school based group teaching, with centres in Milton Keynes and Luton. Since then we have been on quite a journey.

In the last 5 years, Buckinghamshire and its grammar schools have gone through many changes dealing with the management of the 11 plus transfer test. Students sitting the test from 2019 onwards are in the midst of another major change, which will agitate ones again parents supporting their child through the preparation process. Our team has tirelessly worked on acquiring a deep knowledge of the 11 plus to support both parents and students throughout the preparation.

Over the years, Elevenology has built its reputation on trust, commitment and competence. We specialise in core primary and secondary subjects such as: ​English & Creative Writing, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics, Spatial & Visual Awareness and much more; providing support for pupils between the ages of 7 and 12 who are sitting the various 11+ examination boards (NFER, GL, CEM as well as for super-selective schools such as QE Boys and Henrietta Barnett), SATs and GCSEs tests.

We offer courses for pupils of all abilities run by teachers with specialised degrees (including masters and doctorates) from international and national universities providing in-depth teaching best practices and skills. Our courses, the teaching and the tailored materials are based on our unique methodology, wizTeach™, which is the primary knowledge base for the students to achieve the required skills and succeed in their tests and beyond.

Elevenology couldn’t have achieved so much so quickly and be supporting many students if there wasn’t something different about the way we interact with our pupils and their parents. Parents such as Dr Grendelmeier see us as passionate, dedicated and inspirational teachers to get the best out of the pupils. He said: “The amount of effort, guidance and commitment provided over the years is undoubtedly priceless and unsurpassable!”

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