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Extra Tuition Group was set up by former Headmistress Yasmin Ali who personally taught all Eleven Plus students and with a dedicated team GCSE students at the school. For a period of 7 years 99% of pupils gained entry into the competitive Grammar schools. The following OfSted points were achieved:

'Within the lessons, progress was good, largely depending on the quality of teaching'

'Teachers are well qualified and professionally competent'

'Lessons were carefully prepared taking into account the differing needs'

'The day to day running of the school is efficient and purposeful'

' They were keen to learn and most were eager to answer question and offer opinions'

'Pupils behaviour was uniformly very good'

'The day to day running if the school is efficient and purposeful'

The above points were achieved within a period of 12 months as the founding school Principal.

The quality of teaching has since been continual with the success at Extra Tuition Group. Importantly I am a current practicing educational professional thus fully knowledgeable in delivering educational policy.

I am personable individual who works in unison with well supported families. the tuition focuses primarily on the following areas:

* 11+ Entrance Exams
* Primary (KS2) English, Maths and Science
* Secondary (KS3) English, Maths and Science
* SATs preparation
* GCSEs - Mathematics, English and Science.

Pupils aged 6 -16 are primarily taught.

I look forward in accelerating your child's potential

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