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We support students in the local community with providing Maths and English tuition. Students of all ages attend the centre from Early Years all the way through to children studying GCSEs.
First Class Learning aims to build confidence in children and develop their independent learning ability. Children of all abilities thrive in the First Class Learning centre as our programmes are individualised to their specific needs. Our students progress a step at a time, moving on only after they have understood and mastered a topic. At First Class Learning we believe in 1% steps to 100% success.
First Class Learning is a long term programme and students often stay with us for a number of years. At First Class Learning, we support your child's learning with the aim of making their school studies easier. Students can receive Maths or English tuition or can study subjects together.
How does it work?
Using a combination of carefully structured worksheets and textbooks, your First Class Learning Tutor will devise a programme specifically for your child, to take him or her from the basics of Maths and/or English through to the more demanding aspects of school work.
FCL was developed by a British team of educationalists specifically to support the National Curriculum in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (and the Scottish equivalent).
Before you decide to enrol your child with First Class Learning, she/he will be assessed by the Centre Director. The assessment will help to determine his/her specific needs and ensure a suitable starting point in the course for your child.
Once your child enrols, at each visit to the Study Centre he/she will be given a programme of homework that should be completed before the next class. Even in one subject, there may be homework on two different topics. All students should look upon the homework they receive as a weekly task – not a daily grind!
There is flexibility – a child may choose to do a small amount each day, or in two or three sessions over the course of the week. The flexibility of the programme allows homework to be fitted in with all the other activities that are going on in your child's life. Your child will never become bored, as the modular nature of the programme allows us to not only vary the type of work, but to also cover the National Curriculum.
FCL programmes are endorsed by schools as they support and complement the National Curriculum requirements. Your child will therefore learn and consolidate literacy and numeracy skills which can help to improve school levels/grades and encourage academic success

Class Ethos:
We aim to create a calm and welcoming atmosphere in class. We talk to every child while they are in the classroom, and they are soon made aware that they can quickly turn to our trained assistants for friendly advice and help. There is always the opportunity for one-to-one help should your child need it.
Friendships are formed here. We take our studies seriously but we enjoy ourselves at the same time. Children arrive and leave with a smile.
Our programmes have an excellent record of improvement in children's performance both at school and with exam success.
We are proud of the fact that nearly all our students come from the personal recommendation of parents and teachers.


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