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Gaia Education promotes a holistic approach to education for sustainable development by developing curricula for sustainable community design. While drawing upon best practices within ecovillages worldwide, Gaia Education works in partnership with universities, ecovillages, government and non-government agencies and the United Nations.
Gaia Education has its deep roots in the ecovillage movement. Its body of knowledge springs from the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry of ecovillages acting as laboratories of sustainable living. Gaia Education was created over a series of meetings among experienced ecovillage educators with academic and professional backgrounds in a wide range of disciplines. The circle of sustainability educators decided to call itself the GEESE (Global Ecovillage Educators for Sustainable Earth) to acknowledge the importance of collaboration and roving leadership as exhibited by the migration behaviour of a flock of geese. 

The first major achievement of the GEESE has been the development over 10 years of the cutting-edge Ecovillage Design curriculum- the EDE, which draws from the experience and expertise of some of the most successful ecovillages and community projects across the world. The EDE has being taught in 21 countries in different stages of development, and applied equally to urban and to rural settings.
It has been translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Finnish, French and Japanese and since 2008

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