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A business that is dedicated to heritage crafts and arts courses. Utilising a combination of traditional and modern methods. You can expect to use manual and modern day tools to create a finished item.

Bushcraft - using primitive techniques and modern technologies - the more you know, the less you need to carry. Fire by friction teaches you to apply ancient techniques as well as using modern methods to start a fire. The best of both worlds. You will also learn campcraft skills from spear fishing, water purification to fishing techniques. Flint knapping - create a knife or arrowheads from flint or obsidian. Create flint fire stones.

Bladesmithing - rustic knives - you will use both forge fire (charcoal fire also known as coke) for more information on blacksmith burning fuels click the link here and a modern gas forge. You will use the forge fire first to heat and forge the blade into the desired shape then you will use the gas forge to temper (to harden the steel) the blade. Some of the blades you can make on basic courses are those used in fish gutting, carving, spooncarving and bushcraft.

Advanced techniques will include the use of acid edging on the blade, making a bespoke bushcraft knife or chef's knife.

Spooncarving - how to create a utensil from a piece of green wood.

Bowmaking - two ways of making them - green wood - split the wood into a stave, this is a 2-3 day course for those adventurous enough to camp in the woods. The other way is by laminating - join two pieces of wood together for the belly. This is a one day course.

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