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Immediate Mind Groups help you become more aware of what’s happening in your mind and body, giving you the chance to respond more effectively. It doesn’t require any religious or spiritual beliefs and none are taught in Mindfulness. You will learn techniques which are thousands of years old, and have been refined by expert psychologists and are therefore relevant for modern day living.
Mindfulness training encourages both awareness and acceptance of thoughts and emotions, teaching us to recognise these phenomena as simply temporary ‘weather patterns’ of the mind. We all have this inbuilt ability to be fully present; it is however something we simply overlook in our attempts to think our way out of problems.
This strategic approach enables us to be fully present ‘living in the moment’ without feeling the need to try to change our experience. You will learn techniques which will anchor you in the present, rather than being carried away by your mind.
Mindfulness is the ideal vehicle for pure personal development, teaching you how to utilise your naturally existing inner resources in times of difficulty.


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Start date: 30 August 2010
Duration: Courses ongoing throughout...

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