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Jade Defence offers a 10 week, comprehensive self defence course suitable for anyone. The course covers: the cycle of fear and panic and how to counter it - remaining calm under pressure, how to increase your awareness and presence, threat recognition, different types of attacker and so on.

A wide range of simple to learn but effective physical skills is taught including 'the shield' which can block or redirect all kinds of incoming attacks, escapes from common grabs from the front, side or behind, how to punch and kick with minimal effort but maximum effectiveness, locks and holds and how to escape them and effective defence against weapons.

The course also covers some verbal self defence - what to say and how to say it and also how to use your breathing to reduce anxiety levels, boost your energy and support your voice.

That's a lot to pack into one course but at the end of it you will feel far better able to defend yourself should the need arise. The skills can, in fact, be used every day to help you deal with stress and become a calmer and happier person.

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